14 December 2017, by Politico

"Europe faces defense spending challenge"

Politico covers the new MSC report "More European, More Connected and More Capable: Building Europe's Armed Forces of the Future" and the debates at the European Defence Roundtable in Berlin on November 30.

13 December 2017, by Wolfgang Ischinger / Stefano Stefanini

Monthly Mind December 2017: "There is more at stake in Brexit than just trade"

In the area of defense cooperation, even after Brexit, "the EU has everything to gain and nothing to lose from continuing constructive engagement and cooperation with the UK, a permanent member of the UN Security Council," write...

05 December 2017, by MSC

Key choices for European defense cooperation – MSC launches new report and convenes Roundtable on European Defense in Berlin

How should European states spend their defense budgets to make European defense policy more effective and efficient? How can they harness the synergies that come from more common defense planning and procurement? These were among...

29 November 2017, by MSC

"More European, More Connected and More Capable" – MSC Presents New Report on European Defense Cooperation

A new report by the Munich Security Conference, in cooperation with McKinsey & Co. and the Hertie School of Governance, aims to inform and reinvigorate the discussion around European defense spending. The report focuses on how...

30 November 2017, by Wolfgang Ischinger / Frank Mattern

Monthly Mind November 2017: "Now or Never: Toward More European, More Connected, and More Capable Armed Forces"

In November the Munich Security Conference, together with McKinsey & Co. and the Hertie School of Governance, published a new report on how to streamline European defense spending titled "More European, More Connected and More...