"Longstanding Partners in Changing Times" - Report on the Future of German-American Relations

29 May 2015, by MSC / German Marshall Fund

What binds the US and Germany together, and why would continued strong cooperation benefit both sides? GMF assembled an interdisciplinary group of experts and stakeholders to make recommendations to strengthen bilateral ties.

A Munich Young Leader’s Reunion in Washington Reflection

13 May 2015, by Joshua W. Walker

"The outpouring of support and personal initiative taken by the Munich Young Leaders was rewarded by an incredible few days of discussions, networking, and visits in Washington DC" writes Dr. Joshua Walker, a Munich Young Leader,...

"Crises and Prices" - the Energy Security Summit 2015 in a "storify" summary

07 May 2015, by MSC

On May 6/7, politicians, diplomats, scientists, journalists as well as industry and civil society leaders came together in Berlin to discuss critical issues at the intersection of energy and security policy. Here are a few of the...

"Delivering Global Energy Security Requires a Global 'Energiewende'"

07 May 2015, by Kumi Naidoo

"The 'Energiewende' is crucial to international security," Kumi Naidoo, the International Executive Director of Greenpeace International, writes in an op-ed on the occasion of the Energy Security Summit 2015. "If you search for...

Energy Security Summit 2015 - Crises and Prices: Energy Security Amidst Multiple Uncertainties [Updated on May 5]

30 April 2015, by MSC

On May 6-7, 2015, the Energy Security Summit of Frankfurter Allgemeine Forum and the Munich Security Conference will take place for the third time in Berlin. In the light of multiple international crises and conflicts, national...

OSCE Panel of Eminent Persons complete research visit to Kyiv

30 April 2015, by MSC / OSCE

Several members of the OSCE Panel of Eminent Persons (PEP) visited Kiev on April 29 and 30 at the invitation of the Government of Ukraine. The panel members met with the leaders of the OSCE Special Monitoring Mission and other...

Munich Young Leaders Meet in Washington for Alumni Reunion

30 April 2015, by MSC

In 2009, the Munich Security Conference and the Körber Foundation initiated the Munich Young Leaders program, which brings together promising younger experts and future decision-makers for an annual conference during the Munich...

Monthly Mind April 2015: "The World According to Kissinger"

28 April 2015, by Wolfgang Ischinger

"Kissinger’s book is a gift to all of those who care about global order and seek to stave off conflict in the twenty-first century", Wolfgang Ischinger writes in his book review of "World Order" for the journal "Foreign Affairs"....

"Prominent Europeans Call for Immediate Action in the Mediterranean"

23 April 2015, by MSC / ECFR

"We call on the EU Heads of State and Government to go beyond the ten-point plan issued earlier this week in immediately restoring an expansive search and rescue operation in Mediterranean waters," a group of members of the...

Energy Security Summit 2015: "Crises and Prices: Energy Security Amidst Multiple Uncertainties"

20 April 2015, by MSC

On May 6-7, the Frankfurter Allgemeine Forum and the Munich Security Conference will host the Energy Security Summit (ESS) in Berlin for the third time. In the light of ever increasing international crises and conflicts, national...

On Armaments Policies & Military Requirements: European Defence Roundtable Berlin

31 March 2015, by MSC

What are the highest priorities in European security policy in light of the current security landscape? Which capabilities are particularly important to deal with them, and how can they best be strengthened?

"Negotiations with Iran: Our Best Bet for Future Security"

19 March 2015, by Wolfgang Ischinger, David Owen, and Paul Quilès

"We Europeans have to ensure that nuclear non-proliferation remains our primary aim in negotiations with Iran", Wolfgang Ischinger, Paul Quilès, and David Owen write in a piece on the state of the diplomatic efforts with Iran.

Wolfgang Ischinger joins Hertie School of Governance faculty as senior professor

02 March 2015, by MSC

Ambassador Wolfgang Ischinger, the chairman of the Munich Security Conference (MSC), will join the faculty of the Hertie School of Governance as Senior Professor for Security and Diplomatic Practice in the summer of 2015 to...

Monthly Mind February 2015: "The Fog of Disorder"

25 February 2015, by Wolfgang Ischinger / Adrian Oroz

Which emerging threat is the world missing right now? After a truly horrendous year for international peace and security, this question today is even more important than usual for the international strategic community.

Wolfgang Ischinger appointed as Professor at the Hertie School of Government

23 February 2015, by MSC / Hertie School

Wolfgang Ischinger joins the faculty as Senior Professor for Security Policy and Diplomatic Practice. He will focus on the new study programme "Master of International Affairs" (MIA) and support the development of a research...

A selection of reports and analyses on the debates at the 51st Munich Security Conference

20 February 2015, by MSC

The world's newspapers of record and renowned think tanks have published countless reports and analyses on the debates at the 51st Munich Security Conference. Here we document a small selection.

"The World According to Kissinger" - Wolfgang Ischinger's Review of "World Order" in "Foreign Affairs"

17 February 2015, by MSC / Wolfgang Ischinger

"[R]egardless of how one views Kissinger, his new book is tremendously valuable. To call 'World Order' timely would be an understatement, for if there was one thing the world yearned for in 2014, it was order."

"Should the West send arms to Ukraine?" - Wolfgang Ischinger bei Christiane Amanpour auf CNN

10 February 2015, by MSC

Sending defensive weapons to Ukraine was not a desirable policy, the chairman of the MSC said. "But I think it's important in negotiations that you do not take options of the table unless you have to."

"Years of Living Dangerously"

06 February 2015, by MSC

Now available: The new edition of "The Security Times" for the 51st Security Conference, including essays by Frank-Walter Steinmeier and Jens Stoltenberg.

Munich Security Conference Increasingly a Hub for Civil Society Activities / "Ewald von Kleist Award" goes to OSCE

05 February 2015, by MSC

To many, the Munich Security Conference (MSC) still is a meeting of statesmen and military leaders. But it has also become a hub and platform for civil society initiatives and NGOs.

"How to Stabilize Ukraine without Playing Putin's Game"

03 February 2015, by MSC / Wolfgang Ischinger

"If we do not want the strategy of annexation and fostering instability [...] to succeed we must make sure that Ukraine will have a fair chance to survive, militarily and financially," Wolfgang Ischinger writes for Spiegel Online.

"The German Moment in a Fragile World" - Thomas Bagger im "Washington Quarterly"

03 February 2015, by Thomas Bagger

"It is exactly in these categories of competitiveness and cohesion, of openness and integration, of a viable model of sustainability, that Germany has much to contribute to the future of international order."

University of Pennsylvania Study: MSC "Best Think Tank Conference" in the World

29 January 2015, by MSC

In the latest edition of the University of Pennsylvania's Global Think Tank Index Report, the Munich Security Conference again ranks as number one among "Best Think Tank Conferences" in the world.

Join us for "#MSC2015 - Privacy, Security, and You"

28 January 2015, by MSC

Interested in experiencing the atmosphere of the Munich Security Conference? Join us, the U.S. Consulate General Munich, and Amerikahaus München at Hotel Bayerischer Hof for a debate "Privacy, Security, and You" on the eve of the...

First Munich Security Report published - new digest on important trends

26 January 2015, by MSC

On 26 January 2015, the Munich Security Conference (MSC) has published its first Munich Security Report (MSR), an annual digest on critical questions and important trends in international security policy. This year's inaugural...

The Berlin Kickoff for the 51st Munich Security Conference

22 January 2015, by MSC

On 26 January, the MSC will hold its Berlin Kickoff event for the 51st Munich Security Conference, featuring the presentation of the first Munich Security Report and a debate on German foreign and security policy (in German).

OSCE Confirms Participants of "Panel on European Security as a Common Project"

14 January 2015, by MSC / OSCE

The panel, chaired by Wolfgang Ischinger, is mandated to provide advice on how to reconsolidate European security as a common project.

A focus on the collapse of the international order - The 51st MSC in light of current crises and conflicts

12 January 2015, by MSC

From 6 to 8 February 2015, the Bavarian capital will be again in the focus of international politics. Over 400 renowned decision-makers in international politics, including about twenty heads of state and government and more than...

"Germany backs move to involve Russia in security talks"

29 December 2014, by Financial Times / MSC

"Germany has backed an attempt to involve Russia in talks about reforming Europe-wide security structures in a move that might help ease tensions surrounding the Ukraine crisis," the "FT" writes about the OSCE's Eminent Persons...

Statement on the occasion of the Vienna Conference on the Humanitarian Impact of Nuclear Weapons

08 December 2014, by MSC

In advance of the Vienna Conference on the Humanitarian Impact of Nuclear Weapons, leaders from 46 countries have signed a letter supporting the initiative and setting out an ambitious agenda for its further development.

Wolfgang Ischinger to chair an OSCE Eminent Persons Panel on "European Security as a Common Project" [updated]

04 December 2014, by MSC

At today’s OSCE Ministerial Council in Basel, the OSCE Chairman-in-Office, Swiss President Didier Burkhalter, launched a high-level Panel of Eminent Persons on "European Security as a Common Project," in close cooperation with...

Towards a Transatlantic Energy Alliance - MSC Roundtable Energy Security in Istanbul

21 November 2014, by MSC

About thirty political decision-makers, industry executives, and other experts came together in Istanbul yesterday for the Munich Security Conference’s Energy Security Roundtable (ESR) and debated the prospects for a...

Live Video from the Atlantic Council's "Energy and Economic Summit" in Istanbul

20 November 2014, by MSC

Today and tomorrow, Jon Huntsman, Jim Jones, Wolfgang Ischinger, US Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz and many other experts are debating pressing energy and geopolitical issues.

"Security Framework Eyed as Way out of Ukraine Crisis"

10 November 2014, by MSC / Paul Taylor, Reuters

"Even as tension in Ukraine mounts anew, veteran diplomats are starting to think quietly about a way out of the worst East-West crisis since the end of the Cold War."

2014 Cyber Security Summit: Transatlantic Dialogue between Business and Politics

24 October 2014, by MSC

For the third Cyber Security Summit, the Munich Security Conference (MSC) and Deutsche Telekom will bring together representatives of the Federal Government, EU, NATO, the U.S. Government, and international leading companies. The...

Monthly Mind October 2014: "Why Ukraine Matters - Especially for Asia"

23 October 2014, by Wolfgang Ischinger

"It should be clear that the Ukraine conflict and its consequences reverberate far beyond Europe’s borders - and that therefore India and others in Asia need to pay close attention," writes Ambassador Wolfgang Ischinger in his...

"A World in Denial" and "Crisis as the New Normal"? Initial Impressions from Delhi

23 October 2014, by MSC

The international system’s marked inability to deal with the crises of the day was at the heart of the discussions at the 6th Munich Security Conference Core Group Meeting - our report from Delhi.

The Munich Security Conference (MSC) met in New Delhi - Summary

23 October 2014, by MSC

On October 21/22, 2014, the MSC held its 6th MSC Core Group Meeting, this time in New Delhi in cooperation with the Observer Research Foundation (ORF). The conference in New Delhi focused on security architecture in Europe and...

"India is all for Global Convergence to Fight Terrorism"

21 October 2014, by MSC / Economic Times

"India's National Security Advisor Ajit Doval, in his first public interaction, called Tuesday for a collective global convergence on terrorism."

"India Says Islamic State Not Yet A Threat" - Reuters India about the MSC meeting in Delhi

21 October 2014, by MSC/Reuters

"The Islamic State and al Qaeda do not yet pose a threat to India, the national security adviser said on Tuesday, despite attempts by the ultra-radical groups to enlist support from among India's huge Muslim population."

"Democracy is one of the most powerful tools for dealing with security problems"

21 October 2014, by MSC

During his opening keynote at the 6th Munich Security Conference Core Group Meeting in New Delhi today, India's National Security Advisor Ajit Kumar Doval stressed the importance of the unity of democratic states in dealing with...

A new approach to global security: MSC meets in New Delhi [updated]

17 October 2014, by MSC

On October 21 and 22, the Munich Security Conference (MSC) will host its next Core Group Meeting in New Delhi in partnership with the Observer Research Foundation (ORF), New Delhi. The meeting is co-hosted by the Chairman of the...

The MSC will meet in New Delhi to discuss current global security challenges

13 October 2014, by MSC

On October 21 and 22, the Munich Security Conference (MSC) will host its next Core Group Meeting in New Delhi in partnership with the Indian Observer Research Foundation.

"Ukraine’s wake-up call should yield a twin-track EU security strategy"

09 October 2014, by Wolfgang Ischinger / Europe's World

"We have entered into an era in which Europe’s agenda and strategy must focus on 'out of area' developments as much as on strengthening the EU from within," Wolfgang Ischinger writes in a contribution to "Europe's World".

Participate in the MSC 2015 – Apply to Become "MSC Junior Ambassador"

02 October 2014, by MSC

In the run-up to its 51st edition in 2015, the Munich Security Conference is announcing the third round of the Munich Security Conference Junior Ambassadors program. Through an essay contest, we want to give three dedicated...

"Russia has lost a lot of political capital in Germany"

09 September 2014, by MSC / Russia in Global Affairs

In an interview with "Russia in Global Affairs" Wolfgang Ischinger assess the impact of the Ukraine crisis on German-Russian relations.

Monthly Mind September 2014 - "The Ukraine Crisis and European Security"

04 September 2014, by Wolfgang Ischinger

The assumption - held for a long time by many in Western Europe - that the members of NATO and EU no longer face any threats to their territorial integrity has been proven wrong. What to do now that Russia is no longer our...

Monthly Mind August 2014: "Economics after the Arab Uprisings"

28 August 2014, by Wolfgang Ischinger

"In the last couple of years, our focus was on political instability and religious extremism. It is now time to redirect it to the socio-economic underpinnings of successful political change", Wolfgang Ischinger writes in his...

"The Risk of a New Cold War" - Former Foreign Ministers On Stabilizing The Crisis

07 August 2014, by MSC / Malcolm Rifkind und Igor Ivanov, New York Times

"We now believe three further sets of measures are necessary, apart from some sort of accommodation in Ukraine itself": "Ensure restraint. … improve military to military cooperation … keep alive some direct dialogue between...

"EU Foreign Policy Needs A Strong Leader"

29 July 2014, by MSC

"Europe’s citizens expect to see the appointment of […] a 'strong and experienced player' to coordinate EU policy and review its global strategy," writes a group of prominent Europeans in the "Guardian" concerning the selection...

Open letter from the "EEPG on the Middle-East Peace Process" to the EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy

17 July 2014, by MSC / EEPG

In an open letter to Catherine Ashton, the EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, The "European Eminent Persons Group (EEPG) on the Middle-East Peace Process" calls upon the EU to take responsibility and...

"Our most important efforts have been and must continue to be focused on helping Ukraine"

11 July 2014, by MSC / Carl Bildt

In a recent speech, Swedish Foreign Minister Carl Bildt analyzed key principles of European security: "I'm not saying that we are once again sleepwalking into disaster. But I think the lesson of those days in 1914 should make us...

"Brzezinski, Ischinger, and Pifer Discuss Mutual Security"

01 July 2014, by MSC / Wilson Center

In mid-June, Zbigniew Brzezinski, Wolfgang Ischinger, and Steven Pifer debate the Ukraine crisis and 50 years of Munich Security Conference at the Wilson Center. The transcript of the discussion is now available.

"Russia's Igor Ivanov and Germany's Wolfgang Ischinger: A Dialogue on Ukraine"

24 June 2014, by MSC / Igor Ivanov, Wolfgang Ischinger

The "Atlantic Council" documents a written "dialogue" between the former Russian Foreign Minister and the chairman of the Munich Security Conference.

"Confidence Building Measures Are Now Needed More Than Ever"

30 June 2014, by MSC / Wolfgang Ischinger, Steven Pifer, and Andrei Zagorski, ELN

"Arms control frameworks […] put in place mechanisms for maintaining dialogue […] and sometimes generated momentum that led to a more positive overall relationship. Why should it be less possible these days?"

"Listen carefully..." - The "DW" about Joachim Gauck's recent remarks on German foreign policy

18 June 2014, by MSC / Christoph Strack, Deutsche Welle

"His plea for a more active role for Germany [...] at the Munich Security Conference was given much attention. But with this interview six months on, Gauck seems to suggest that the debate he desired at the time never ensued."

C-SPAN-Video: "Mutual Security on Hold? Russia, the West, and European Security Architecture"

17 June 2014, by MSC / C-SPAN

Yesterday, at the Wilson Center in Washington, D.C., Zbigniew Brzezinski and Wolfgang Ischinger spoke about the Ukraine crisis and the MSC's 50 year anniversary book - C-SPAN offers the video of the event on their website.

"Mutual Security on Hold? Russia, the West, and European Security Architecture"

13 June 2014, by MSC / Wilson Center

On Monday, June 16, Zbigniew Brzezinski, Jane Harman, Steven Pifer, and Wolfgang Ischinger will come together at the Woodrow Wilson Center in Washington, D.C., to discuss the implications of the Ukraine crisis for European...

"Guaranteeing Europe's Energy Supply" - Judy Dempsey on the "Energy Security Summit"

31 May 2014, by MSC / Judy Dempsey

"There’s nothing like a crisis to concentrate the minds. This is exactly what happened during this year’s Energy Security Summit in Berlin, held by the Munich Security Conference and the daily Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung."

Wall Street Journal on the ESS: "Ukraine Prime Minister Vows Not to Pay 'Political' Price of Russian Gas"

29 May 2014, by MSC / Wall Street Journal

"We need to find new deal, a new gas deal which has to be market-based," Ukraine Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk said in Berlin Wednesday. "We don't ask for any concessions, but we will never pay the high political price of $500...

Storify: The Energy Security Summit 2014

29 May 2014, by MSC

In our storify on the ESS 2014, we give an impression of the key moments, quotes, and debates of the conference, including a Q&A with Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk.

Monthly Mind June 2014: "Ukraine after the election: only a first step"

27 May 2014, by Wolfgang Ischinger

"[W]hile there is reason for some guarded optimism after the election, extremely difficult work lies ahead," Wolfgang Ischinger, who co-moderated the "round tables" in Ukraine at the request of the OSCE, writes in his column...

The crisis in Ukraine, the shale revolution in the US, and EU energy security

26 May 2014, by MSC

Frankfurter Allgemeine Forum and the Munich Security Conference anticipate high-ranking guests at 
"Energy Security Summit 2014" in Berlin (27/28 May).

"Now begins the real task of creating a stable Ukraine" - Wolfgang Ischinger in der "Financial Times"

26 May 2014, by MSC / Wolfgang Ischinger

"Ukraine cannot and should not have to sit at the table with Russia alone, and [...] a contact group is the best mean available to include Russia in this process," Wolfgang Ischinger writes in an op-ed published today.

"An optimistic view of a supremely difficult election"

24 May 2014, by MSC / CNN

Speaking to CNN's Christiane Amanpour, Wolfgang Ischinger looks ahead at the Ukrainian Presidential elections: "I expect elections in Ukraine to be largely okay in the overwhelming number of districts."

"Involvement or Restraint?" - New Poll on German Foreign Policy Commissioned by Körber Foundation

20 May 2014, by MSC / Körber-Stiftung

During this year's Munich Security Conference, key German decision-makers argued for a more active German foreign policy. Are Germans ready to assume more responsibility? A new representative poll offers new insight.

OSCE Wants to Promote a National Dialogue within Ukraine

13 May 2014, by MSC

In his exchange with the Foreign Ministers of the EU Member States during Monday’s Foreign Affairs Council of the European Union, OSCE Chairman and Swiss President Didier Burkhalter presented a de-escalation roadmap.

Energy Security Summit 2014: The Next Great Game? Global Impacts Of The Shale Revolution

13 May 2014, by MSC

Shale revolution in the U.S. and crisis in Ukraine – a turning-point for European energy policy? The second Energy Security Summit will take place on May 27-28, 2014 in Berlin and will feature high-ranking speakers from politics...

Monthly Mind May 2014: "The Crisis of Euro-Atlantic Security"

06 May 2014, by Wolfgang Ischinger

As keynote speaker at the Ahtisaari Symposium at the Woodrow Wilson Center, the chairman of the Munich Security Conference emphasized the necessity to review and comprehensively reaffirm the principles of the European peace order...

"Punishment of Putin is not the main goal" - "Deutsche Welle" Interview with W. Ischinger

02 May 2014, by MSC / Deutsche Welle

The first transatlantic priority was to "agree on a common Ukraine strategy" so that "we succeed in transforming a dysfunctional state into a functional state," the chairman of the Munich Security Conference said.

"Necessary Steps for a Successful 2015 Review Conference of the Non-Proliferation Treaty"

01 May 2014, by MSC / European Leadership Network

A statement of the "European Leadership Network", a group of former and emerging European political, military, and diplomatic leaders, outlines a number of key measures to strengthen the NPT.

"Toward a Europe Whole and Free" - Conference of the "Atlantic Council"

30 April 2014, by MSC

On 29 and 30 April, European and American decision-makers debated the future of European security in Washington, D.C. Videos and summaries of the debates are now available.

Monthly Mind April 2014 - "France and Germany must rebuild their relationship, for the good of Europe"

23 April 2014, by Gérard Errera and Wolfgang Ischinger

The Franco-German relationship is in urgent need of new impulses, Gérard Errera and Wolfgang Ischinger write. "The risk is that instead of rapprochement, mutual tensions will increase, and the pair will drift even further apart....

"Russia will be weaker, the West re-invigorated" - Ischinger interview with 'Top of Mind'

14 April 2014, by MSC

"The Snowden-NSA scandal, which precipitated a deep crisis of trust among trans-Atlantic partners, has almost completely disappeared from the front pages, practically overnight. US and EU leaders are now talking to each other as...

SIPRI Report "Trends in World Military Expenditure 2013": Global Military Expenditure fell by 1.3 per cent

14 April 2014, by MSC

The research institute SIPRI today published their annual report on global military expenditure. While a number of states increased their spending significantly, total global expenditures fell compared to 2013.

"Ukraine Must Not Become a New Berlin Wall" - International Leaders Call for a Joint Contact Group

14 March 2014, by MSC

Des Browne, Wolfgang Ischinger, Igor S. Ivanov, Sam Nunn and Adam Daniel Rotfeld: "Dividing Ukraine would mean dividing Europe again. The crisis should be a call to lay the foundation for a new comprehensive Euro-Atlantic...

Monthly Mind March 2014 - On the Brink of a Major Breakthrough? The German Ministry of Defense on the Path to a More European Military Procurement Policy

17 March 2014, by Wolfgang Ischinger

The German Defense Minister, Ursula von der Leyen, has identified armaments policy as a key problem area, and has drawn various conclusions. The Ministry's armaments policy as a whole is being reviewed. There is talk throughout...

Monthly Mind February 2014: "It's not going to work without Russia"

27 February 2014, by Wolfgang Ischinger

At an event of the "Ost-Ausschuss der Deutschen Wirtschaft" (German Committee on Eastern European Economic Relations) in Berlin, Wolfgang Ischinger addressed the current state of German and European relations with Russia. "I am...

Joachim Gauck: Germany "must not back away"

24 February 2014, by Deutsche Welle

In an interview with "Deutsche Welle," President Joachim Gauck expands on his much-discussed address at the Munich Security Conference in late January, where he called for Germany to take on more international responsibility.

"Britain Could Lead on European Defense"

19 February 2014, by Wolfgang Ischinger

In the wake of the euro crisis and the NSA spying scandal, many have questioned Britain's future role in Europe. Wolfgang Ischinger argues in a book excerpt that London has a strong and indispensible role to play in European...

"A global forum" - Quotes from the 50th Munich Security Conference

19 February 2014, by The Atlantic Times

The "Atlantic Times" has assembled a number of noteworthy passages from speeches held at the 50th MSC, including on Germany’s international responsibilities, the crisis in the Ukraine, and the transatlantic partnership.

"Takeaways From Munich-50"

04 February 2014, by Dmitri Trenin / Carnegie Moscow Center

"The world's security summit is over. ... Munich has become the place for open dialogue and discreet exchanges on security issues around the world."

"Israelis stay seated for Iranian minister, possible diplomatic opening"

04 February 2014, by Karl Vick / Time Magazine

"In an apparent warming of relations, Israel's Defense Minister sat and listened to Iran's Foreign Minister during a conference in Germany over the weekend."

"Female defence ministers pledge to break Europe's old boys' network"

03 February 2014, by Philip Oltermann / The Guardian

"Dutch politician tweets image of Norwegian, Swedish and German counterparts from Munich summit, saying 'things are changing.'"

"Kerry and Iran Minister Confer on Nuclear Issue"

03 February 2014, by Steven Erlanger / The New York Times

"[In] another sign of serious efforts to solve the crisis around Iran’s nuclear program [the] two met on the margins of the [MSC], and Mr. Zarif later said on a public panel that Iran 'will go to those negotiations with the...

"Les vétérans de la diplomatie tirent des leçons pour l'avenir"

03 February 2014, by Nicolas Barotte / Le Figaro

"Pour fêter son 50e anniversaire, la Conférence sur la sécurité, qui réunit chaque année depuis 1963 les grands noms de la diplomatie, avait convoqué d'illustres vétérans, samedi à Munich, pour tirer du passé des leçons pour le...

"How the EU brought Serbia and Kosovo to a Deal"

03 February 2014, by Judy Dempsey / Carnegie Europe

"It was an incredible sight [at the MSC]. Ashton, unusually relaxed, conducted a fascinating conversation with Dačić and Thaçi over how and why they decided to end a centuries-old dispute and normalize relations."

"Munich at 50: The Search for Leadership"

03 February 2014, by James Davis

"The who's who of the world's foreign policy and security community met this weekend at the 50th Munich Security Conference."

"Spurred by Global Crises, Germany Weighs a More Muscular Foreign Policy"

02 February 2014, by Alison Smale / The New York Times

"MUNICH - German leaders are pushing a vigorous new case that it is time for their nation to find a more muscular voice in foreign affairs ..."

MSC brief: Balkans – Syria – Iran

02 February 2014, by Alexander Hamann, Christoph Schwarz, Daniel Furth

On the last conference day, the panelists discussed the relations between Serbia and Kosovo, the responsibility for the Syrian tragedy, and the Iranian nuclear program. For the first time ever, official representatives from the...

"Ukraine Government and Opposition Clash, in Munich"

02 February 2014, by Josh Rogin / The Daily Beast

"The struggle for the future of Ukraine played out on the world stage Saturday when the Ukrainian Foreign Minister and opposition leader Vitali Klitschko battled during a heated session at the Munich Security Conference."

NSA debate dominates discussion on “big data and the future of intelligence”

02 February 2014, by Alexander Hamann

Can intelligence agencies work efficiently without relying on data gathered on the internet? How can we ensure a balance between privacy and security? These were the issues addressed during Saturday’s final panel discussion. The...

"Kerry and Hagel Defend U.S. Engagement Abroad in Face of Criticism"

02 February 2014, by Steven Erlanger and Thom Shanker / The New York Times

"[Kerry and Hagel] presented an emotional defense of the Obama administration’s engagement in international crises in the face of widespread European and Middle Eastern criticism that the United States was retreating ... "

Klychko reaffirms opposition demands

02 February 2014, by Daniel Furth

Late Saturday afternoon, the eagerly awaited meeting of Vitali Klychko and the Ukrainian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Leonid Kozhara, took place in Munich. Klychko seized the opportunity for a PR coup.

Ewald-von-Kleist-Award presented to Helmut Schmidt and Valéry Giscard d'Estaing

02 February 2014, by MSC

This year, the MSC’s Ewald-von-Kleist-Award goes to Former German Chancellor Helmut Schmidt (SPD) and former French President Valéry Giscard d'Estaing in recognition of their significant efforts in promoting European security and...

"Ukrainian unrest: EU and US clash with Russia in Munich"

01 February 2014, by BBC

"European Council President Herman Van Rompuy said the 'future of Ukraine belongs with the EU' while US Secretary of State John Kerry said the US backed Ukraine's 'fight for democracy.' Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov...

"In Munich, Klitschko and Ukrainian opposition promise to continue fight"

01 February 2014, by Deutsche Welle

"Ukraine politician Viktor Klitschko reiterated key demands of the opposition in Munich on Saturday, while also criticizing Ukraine President Viktor Yanukovych's decision to abandon an association agreement with the EU for a...

"Kerry, Hagel urge 'transatlantic renaissance' to confront political and security challenges"

01 February 2014, by Craig Whitlock / Washington Post

"In an unusual joint appearance overseas, Secretary of State John F. Kerry and Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel told European allies Saturday that Washington would depend more heavily on them to tackle a litany of political and...

MSC brief: Europe – America – Russia – Asia

01 February 2014, by Daniel Furth and Alexander Hamann

At the start of the second day of the conference, Germany’s Federal Minister of Foreign Affairs, Frank-Walter Steinmeier, used his opening address to call on Germany to make a more specific and substantial contribution to...

Steinmeier: German commitment must "come earlier and be more decisive and substantial"

01 February 2014, by von Alexander Hamann, Christoph Schwarz und Daniel Furth

German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, and European Council President Herman Van Rompuy kicked off the second day of the 50th Munich Security Conference. Steinmeier picked up the notion...

"Germany’s President Speaks Out About Taking Responsibility"

01 February 2014, by Judy Dempsey / Carnegie Europe

"If Gauck really wants to push Germany into recognizing its responsibilities, he will need help from the country’s foreign and defense ministers."

Debate on Syria: Brahimi not even trying to hide disappointment

01 February 2014, by Christoph Schwarz, Alexander Hamann und Daniel Furth

A sad déjà-vu marked the end of Day One of the 50th Munich Security Conference (MSC). The discussion panel late in the evening proved to be a reflection of the hardened positions in Syria's civil war.

"Brahimi: No Progress on Syria"

01 February 2014, by Josh Rogin / The Daily Beast

"The first round of Geneva 2 talks [...] ultimately failed to make any progress at all, U.N. special representative Lakhdar Brahimi said Friday [addressing the MSC] in a late-night session devoted to the three-year-long Syria...

MSC brief: Cyber – European Defense – Middle East Peace Process

01 February 2014, by Alexander Hamann

On Friday afternoon, the Munich Security Conference addressed freedom and security of the Internet, synergies in the area of European defense and the future of the most fragile region of the world.

Von der Leyen: "Indifference not an Option"

31 January 2014, by MSC

As Federal President Gauck before her, German Defense Minister Ursula von der Leyen argues that Germany should step up its international engagement, putting her focus on the African continent.

"Gauck opens Munich Security Conference with call for more German engagement"

31 January 2014, by Deutsche Welle

"In his speech to open the 50th MSC, President Gauck called on Germany to shake off its sense of guilt stemming from World War II and to take more responsibility in shaping international affairs." (Deutsche Welle)

Helmut Schmidt: "MSC stays important"

01 February 2014, by Daniel Furth, Alexander Hamann and Christoph Schwarz

For Helmut Schmidt, the Munich Security Conference remains a significant place of international exchange. In the interview conducted by Theo Sommer, Schmidt also reminds the conference that i has to deal with the consequences of...

The anniversary conference begins

31 January 2014, by MSC

Munich again takes center stage of world politics. More than 400 high-ranking decision-makers attend the 50th Munich Security conference. Syria, Ukraine and the transatlantic relations are in the focus of attention. And a...

Live from the 50th Munich Security Conference

30 January 2014, by MSC

For the interested public, the Munich Security Conference will be offering information on and from the conference in a number of different ways and formats.

The new "Security Times" is now available for download

31 January 2014, by MSC

The English-language paper, which is independent and international in its outlook, examines central questions of foreign, economic and security policy.

Munich as the capital of security policy

29 January 2014, by MSC

From January 31 to February 2, 2014, the Bavarian capital will again be in the focus of international politics. Over 400 renowned decision-makers in international politics, including about twenty heads of state and government and...

Fasching, Family Reunions, and Hard Power

30 January 2014, by Josef Joffe

This week, we publish a few selected essays from the book "Towards Mutual Security - Fifty Years of Munich Security Conference" exclusively on this site. In his contribution, Josef Joffe, editor of Die Zeit and Fellow of the...

A Second Look at the German-American Agenda

29 January 2014, by Jackson Janes and Parke Nicholson

In the run-up to the 50th Munich Security Conference, Jackson Janes and Parke Nicholson (AICGS) sketch out the most critical issues on the bilateral agenda for Berlin and Washington.

"Atlanticism in the Era of Globalization"

29 January 2014, by Strobe Talbott

This week, we publish a few selected essays from the book "Towards Mutual Security - Fifty Years of Munich Security Conference" exclusively on this site. In the second essay, Strobe Talbott, President of the Brookings Institution...

"Little Patience for Frivolous Speeches - A Personal Remembrance of Wehrkunde and Ewald von Kleist"

28 January 2014, by William S. Cohen

Beginning today, we offer a few essays from the book "Towards Mutual Security - Fifty Years of Munich Security Conference" exclusively on this site. The first is a piece by William S. Cohen, the former US Defense Secretary and...

#MSC50 – Unplugged: Gearing Up for the Transatlantic Renaissance

28 January 2014, by MSC

Be a part of history by joining us for "#MSC50 Unplugged: Gearing Up for the Transatlantic Renaissance!" Featuring a panel moderated by University of Regensburg Professor Stephan Bierling (voted "Professor des...

Defense Matters 2024:
 Why Europe Can’t Afford Reducing Military Budgets

28 January 2014, by Leyla Mutiu

"At the 60th Munich Security Conference in 2024, what will be the most important security challenge on the agenda, and why?", we asked the applicants for our 2014 "MSC Junior Ambassadors" program. In the third essay published,...

"The Security Leadership Void"

27 January 2014, by MSC

In the New York Times, Clemens Wergin analyzes what the West should discuss in Munich: "[W]ith the euro crisis seemingly contained, it might be the right time for the United States to change script [and] to challenge the...

2024 - The Year Water Challenged Global Security

23 January 2014, by Eirik K. Sørensen

"At the 60th Munich Security Conference in 2024, what will be the most important security challenge on the agenda, and why?", we asked the applicants for our 2014 "MSC Junior Ambassadors" program. In the second essay published,...

Storify: Impressions from the "kick-off" event for the 50th MSC

23 January 2014, by MSC

The Berlin "kick-off" featured the presentation of the MSC anniversary book "Towards Mutual Security" as well as a debate on the NSA disclosures, the crisis in Ukraine, and NATO-Russia relations.

A War Without Humans – The Threat of Lethal Autonomous Weapons

22 January 2014, by Hannes Jöbstl

"At the 60th Munich Security Conference in 2024, what will be the most important security challenge on the agenda, and why?", we asked the applicants for our 2014 "MSC Junior Ambassadors" program. In the first essay published,...

"Towards Mutual Security - 50 Years of Munich Security Conference"

15 January 2014, by MSC

On the occasion of the 50th Munich Security Conference in 2014, the Munich Security Conference Foundation is publishing the volume "Towards Mutual Security – 50 Years of Munich Security Conference." In the book, numerous...

New "Robert Bosch Senior Fellow" position on Germany at Brookings Institution

02 January 2014, by MSC

The "Brookings Institution" is accepting applications for a new Senior Fellow position. (S)he "will explore a broad range of issues shaping Germany and the critical role it plays in Europe’s economic, political, and security...

"Kosovo passed its first test since the Brussels agreement"

02 January 2014, by Marina Komad

In a guest piece for, journalist Marina Komad analyzes the most recent developments in Kosovo.

European Leaders Call for a New Approach to Security

17 December 2013, by MSC

In the wake of the crisis in Ukraine, 70 senior European politicians, military figures and diplomats call for a new security dialogue in the Euro-Atlantic area that "must be politically mandated from the highest level."

Has Germany Become NATO’s “Lost Nation”? Prospects for a Reinvigorated German NATO Policy

11 December 2013, by Tobias Bunde

In an essay for the American Institute for Contemporary German Studies (AICGS), Tobias Bunde discusses the international criticism of Germany's role in NATO and the prospects for a reinvigorated German NATO policy.

"Cost of Non-Europe Report": European Common Security and Defence Policy

11 December 2013, by MSC

In a new study, the "European Added Value" Unit within the Secretariat of the European Parliament has analyzed the lack of integration in European security policy. The costs of non-Europe amount to at least € 26 billion/year, the...

The Second Cyber Security Summit: Insights, Ideas, Results

24 November 2013, by MSC

After the conclusion of the Second Cyber Security Summit, the Munich Security Conference and Deutsche Telekom have published the following final communique, summarizing the debates and insights from the conference (PDF).

"Post-Wall Europe" - "Nach-Mauer Europa"

18 November 2013, by MSC

On 9 November, Herman van Rompuy, the president of the European Council, gave a remarkable speech at Pariser Platz in Berlin, which we document here.

Participate in the Munich Security Conference 2014 – Apply to Become “MSC Junior Ambassador“

13 November 2013, by MSC

In the run-up to its 50th edition in 2014, the Munich Security Conference (MSC) is announcing the second round of the Munich Security Conference Junior Ambassadors program.

Live broadcast of the 2nd Cyber Security Summit on Nov. 11 - from 10 a.m. (CET)

08 November 2013, by MSC

High-ranking participants from politics, the business sector, and society will again come together to discuss the hazards in cyberspace on November 11, 2013. The summit will focus on the topics of intelligence and data security...

Working to rebuild transatlantic trust at a critical moment: The MSC Core Group meets in Washington

07 November 2013, by MSC

Four years after its first meeting in Washington D.C. and subsequent gatherings in Moscow, Beijing, and Doha, the Munich Security Conference Core Group convened again in the US capital.

The new issue of "The Security Times" is available for download

06 November 2013, by MSC

The new issue of "The Security Times" has been published on the occasion of the 5th MSC Core Group Meeting in Washington D.C. and the 2nd Cyber Security Summit in Bonn. Numerous prominent contributors write about the NSA spying...

"Restoring Trans-Atlantic Trust"

01 November 2013, by MSC

In an op-ed for the "New York Times", Wolfgang Ischinger analyzes the current transatlantic rift over NSA spying and points out a number of measures through which trust could be restored.

Munich Security Conference meets in Washington D.C. to discuss NSA-spying scandal

30 October 2013, by MSC

The Munich Security Conference (MSC) continues its successful series of “MSC Core Group Meeting” events and holds the fifth edition of the Core Group Meetings on November 5 and 6, 2013 in Washington D.C. Consequences of the...

"New Power - New Responsibility. Elements of a German foreign and security policy for a changing world"

17 October 2013, by MSC

A new paper by think tanks "Stiftung Wissenschaft und Politik" and "The German Marshall Fund of the United States", funded by the Policy Planning Staff of the Federal Foreign Office, gives recommendations for the future of German...

"How to build a modern European Union"

10 October 2013, by MSC

A new report prepared by the "Centre for European Reform" looks at a number of European institutions and policies, including the EU's external policies, and proposes reforms for each of them. (external link)

"In solidarity both at home and abroad" - Speech by President Gauck marking the Day of German Unity

04 October 2013, by MSC

"I do not like the idea that Germany plays itself up to impose its will on others. Yet neither do I like the idea that Germany plays itself down to eschew risks or solidarity."

"Raised expectations: The Berlin Republic and its ability to act internationally"

04 October 2013, by MSC

The initiative for the further construction of European unification, in foreign and security policy too, must come precisely from Berlin, said Wolfgang Ischinger on September 26, 2013 in Berlin in the "Hauptstadtrede"...

U.S.-Iranian Thaw

26 September 2013, by MSC

In an interview with the broadcaster Bayerischer Rundfunk (Bayern 2 Radiowelt) yesterday, the chairman of the Munich Security Conference (MSC), Ambassador Wolfgang Ischinger, welcomed the new tone in the dispute concerning Iran’s...

Letter by European Dignitaries to EU foreign ministers on Israeli settlement funding

17 September 2013, by MSC

A group of European dignitaries has sent a letter to EU Foreign Ministers concerning the debate about new European Commission guidelines on the funding of Israeli businesses and institutions in the occupied territories.

Press release: 50th Munich Security Conference to take place from January 31 to February 2, 2014/Accreditation for media representatives/Events in fall of 2013

13 September 2013, by MSC

The date for the 50th Munich Security Conference (MSC) is set. The next conference, which again will be a gathering of high-ranking decision-makers in foreign and security policy and from the business sector as well as civil...

Billions could be saved - new report on European defence policy

09 August 2013, by MSC

During "The Future of European Defence" project, McKinsey & Company has prepared a new report on European defence policy, analyzing savings potentials in 'pooling' and 'sharing' as well as possible improvements in...

Is our energy supply still safe? The Frankfurter Allgemeine Forum and the MSC hosted their first joint conference on the subject of energy security

13 July 2013, by Tobias Bunde and Oliver Rolofs

The international conference "Energy Security: How to Feed and Secure the Global Demand" took place on 10 July in the Palmengarten Casino in Frankfurt, hosted by both the Frankfurter Allgemeine Forum and the Munich...

Monthly Mind July 2013 - The Geopolitics of the US Shale Revolution

09 July 2013, by Wolfgang Ischinger and Friedbert Pflüger

There is little that is better suited to highlighting the significance of the shale revolution in North America than Qatar's decision, as the world's leading exporter of liquefied natural gas (LNG), to move into north American...

High-Ranking international Guests expected at "Energy Security" Conference

05 July 2013, by MSC

On 10 July 2013, international political, business and social representatives will gather in Frankfurt am Main at the invitation of the Munich Security Conference (MSC) and the F.A.Z. Forum, and under the aegis of Germany's...

"The EU is applying relentless pressure" - Lady Ashton on the EU's role in the Middle East peace process

27 June 2013, by MSC

Recently, a "European Eminent Persons Group" called on the EU to show more commitment in solving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The EU's High Representative for Foreign Affairs answers: the EU is playing "a very active role."

"The 2013 Henry A. Kissinger Prize: Celebrating the extraordinary life of Ewald-Heinrich von Kleist"

11 June 2013, by MSC

Yesterday, the American Academy in Berlin held the seventh annual Henry A. Kissinger Prize in posthumous celebration of the life of Ewald-Heinrich von Kleist, founder of the Munich Security Conference.

Monthly Mind June 2013 - "Standing Idly By - No Longer"

03 June 2013, by Wolfgang Ischinger

After two years of Western passivity and Russian and Chinese blockade in the UN Security Council, the firestorm European politicians like to incessantly warn of has now materialized: Close to 100,000 deaths, a collapsing state...

"'Two Germanys Model' Suggested for Kosovo"

29 May 2013, by MSC

In an interview with "Balkan Insight" Wolfgang Ischinger spoke about the importance of the agreement between Kosovo and Serbia, the future evolution of their relationship, and the European prospect for the region.

"Prime Minister Calls for Action on Syria" - The "Gulf Times" reports from the MSC Core Group Meeting

23 May 2013, by MSC

"If we do not act to prevent the ongoing escalation of conflict, the whole region risks being pulled into protracted instability", Qatar's Prime Minister Sheikh Hamad bin Jassim bin Jabor al-Thani warned.

Fruitful discussions on the wider Middle East: The Munich Security Conference (MSC) Core Group meets in Doha

22 May 2013, by MSC

After gathering in Washington, DC (2009), Moscow (2010), and Beijing (2011), the MSC Core Group held its 4th meeting in Doha, Qatar, on 22 May 2013. Hosted by the chairman of the MSC, Ambassador Wolfgang Ischinger, and under the...

Focus on the Arab world: First Munich Security Conference meeting in Doha, Qatar (Update)

20 May 2013, by MSC

The Munich Security Conference (MSC) continues its successful MSC Core Group Meeting series with a new regional focus on the Middle East and Gulf Region. On 21 and 22 May, the Munich Security Conference will meet in Doha, Qatar...

Wolfgang Ischinger at the Doha Forum 2013: Core messages on Syria, Israel and Palestine

20 May 2013, by MSC

In his speech at the Doha Forum 2013, the chairman of the MSC, Ambassador Ischinger called for the establishment of a contact group on Syria - as used in the Balkans in the 1990s and a clearer willingness within the EU to play a...

Focus on conflicts in the Arab world: first Munich Security Conference meeting in Doha, Qatar

15 May 2013, by MSC

The Munich Security Conference (MSC) continues its successful MSC Core Group Meeting series in 2013 with a new regional focus on the Arabian Gulf; on 21 and 22 May, for the first time, the Munich Security Conference will meet in...

"We have to share our military and industrial capabilities"

03 May 2013, by MSC

On 25 and 26 April, the Munich Security Conference, together with the consulting firm McKinsey & Company, held the first debut Future of European Defence Summit in Berlin under the patronage of Javier Solana. More than 100...

Monthly Mind May 2013 - The Capability Gap

26 April 2013, by Thomas Enders and Wolfgang Ischinger

In the years since the finance and debt crisis began, we in Europe have talked a great deal about our integration as a financial and currency zone. As committed Europeans, we support these efforts. At the same time, the...

First summit on European security and defence in Berlin

25 April 2013, by MSC

On April 25 and 26, the Munich Security Conference (MSC) will host the first “Future of European Defence Summit” under the aegis of Javier Solana, formerly General Secretary of NATO and EU High Representative for Foreign and...

Munich Security Conference welcomes agreement between Serbia and Kosovo

24 April 2013, by MSC

On the occasion of the agreement concluded in Brussels between Serbia and Kosovo, regarding measures for the long-term normalization of relations between the two states, the chairman of the Munich Security Conference and former...

"Building Mutual Security in the Euro-Atlantic Region: Report Prepared for Presidents, Prime Ministers, Parliamentarians, and Publics"

04 April 2013, by MSC

In a new report entitled "Building Mutual Security in the Euro-Atlantic Region", a high-ranking international Track II dialogue co-chaired by Des Browne, Wolfgang Ischinger, Igor Ivanov, and Sam Nunn and including...

The Munich Security Conference commemorates Ewald-Heinrich von Kleist

13 March 2013, by MSC

With the death of Ewald-Heinrich von Kleist we have lost a truly remarkable German patriot. Ewald-Heinrich von Kleist was born in Gut Schmenzin in Pomerania on July 10, 1922. As a young lieutenant of the Wehrmacht, Ewald von...

Monthly Mind March 2013 - Europe's Security, Europe's Responsibility

08 March 2013, by Wolfgang Ischinger

The integration of security policy continues to be one of Europe's key future challenges.

"Frank words on Iran and Syria" - Impressions from an MSC Junior Ambassador

06 February 2013, by Hanns Koenig

Lackeys and wrong-way drivers: The debate on Iran was a highlight of the MSC, our Junior Ambassador Hanns Koenig writes - and not always diplomatic.

A Sensational Dialogue

07 February 2013, by Ernst Hebeker

The 49th Munich Security Conference (msc) in the Bavarian capital ended with a surprise. The foreign minister of Iran, Ali Akhbar Salehi, announced that he would seriously consider the USA’s offer to enter into talks on Iran’s...

New York Times: "Syrian Opposition Leader Confers With U.S. and Russia"

03 February 2013, by MSC

"MUNICH — The leader of the Syrian opposition council, Sheik Ahmad Moaz al-Khatib, met here on Saturday with representatives of the United States and Russia."

From Biden to Barnier - Impressions from a Junior Ambassador

03 February 2013, by Jonathan Hillman

Jonathan Hillman, one of the MSC Junior Ambassadors 2013, shares some of his impressions from the conference, including his favorite quotes.

Brent Scowcroft receives Ewald-von-Kleist Award

03 February 2013, by Daniel Furth

In the scope of a grandiose gala dinner, the Munich Security Conference honored Brent Scowcroft with the Ewald-Kleist Award. Scowcroft had a determining influence on the German reunification.

McCain: “No American presidential leadership on Syria”

03 February 2013, by Christoph Schwarz

At the Munich Security Conference, Republican Senator John McCain blasts U.S. President Barack Obama for lack of leadership on Syria.

Reform Rather Than Revolution

25 February 2013, by Angelika Schweiger und Daniel Furth

The delegates of the panel on "The Rising Powers and Global Governance" mostly agreed on how to change the structures of international politics–with one exception.

Biden: „We are not only able to, we are bound to stand together“

02 February 2013, by Lorenz Hemicker, Angelika Schweiger und Christoph Schwarz

With pathos for Europe, with realism towards Russia. America’s Vice President Joe Biden presented in Munich a description of the position of the US foreign policy. This time he did not proclaim a new start.

AP: Syrian opposition leader says he’s ready to sit down for talks with Assad regime

02 February 2013, by MSC

“We do believe in the power of the world and we would like to overthrow the regime by peaceful means,” al-Khatib said. But “as a gesture of goodwill we say, just to ease the pain of the Syrian people... we are ready to sit at the...

Desperately wanted: Anybody willing to act

02 February 2013, by Katarina Hanusova und Christoph Schwarz

The situation in Syria is dramatic, with no end to the violence in sight. Despite a basic consensus on the need to act, there is a lack of ground-breaking decisions to be followed up by actions.

Foreign Policy: "Biden does Europe"

01 February 2013, by MSC

"Now he's going back at the start of the second [term]... to take stock of what we've accomplished over the past four years and to look at the agenda going forward," said Tony Blinken, Biden's outgoing national security advisor."

Bad news for Europe’s competitiveness

02 February 2013, by Angelika Schweiger

Bad news for European competition. The revolution in unconventional energy production is generating a significant economic upturn for competitor USA.

Informal Exchange at the Buffet Table

02 February 2013, by Christine Hegenbart

As in previous years, the City of Munich hosted a reception for the participants of the Security Conference. Christine Strobl, Deputy Mayor of the Bavarian state capital, welcomed many national and international guests to the...

Judy Dempsey's Strategic Europe: "Can Munich Change the Transatlantic Relationship?"

01 February 2013, by MSC

"Every year, the same nagging question is raised, sometimes loudly, sometimes more discreetly at the Munich Security Conference (MSC). What can be done to strengthen or even rebuild the transatlantic relationship?"

Right on Track: Europe and the Euro

02 February 2013, by Tatjana Vogt

Once again, the Euro crisis and worries about Europe’s future have made it on the agenda of the Munich Security Conference. Hosted by former World Bank President Robert Zoellick, the first panel of the day saw some cautious...

Twitter unites politicians and citizens

01 February 2013, by Katarina Hanusova

Social media serve as a catalyst for political participation

A Prelude to the Conference

01 February 2013, by Daniel Furth

Two civil wars raging in Mali and Syria, and a look at where U.S. foreign policy is headed: The 49th Munich Security Conference in the focus of the world’s attention.

Future meets experience – Munich Young Leaders Roundtable on Security Policy 2013 opened

01 February 2013, by Tatjana Vogt

On the eve of the 49th Munich Security Conference Wolfgang Ischinger welcomed this year’s Munich Young Leaders in the Bavarian metropolis. During the welcome dinner, the host encouraged these 25 selected leaders of tomorrow to...

Out today: a new issue of "The Security Times"

01 February 2013, by MSC

A very interesting new issue of "The Security Times" is now available for download - including pieces by Sanger, Perthes, Hayden, Ischinger, Trenin, Slaughter, Kaspersky and many more.

From the MSC: live stream, news pieces, and social media

01 February 2013, by MSC

From 1 to 3 February 2013, the Munich Security Conference will be offering information on the event for the public in a number of different ways.

Two blogs from Munich: "Munich Young Leaders" and "Strategic Europe"

01 February 2013, by MSC

Two blogs worth reading from the Munich Security Conference: the comments and analyses by our "Munich Young Leaders" and the "Strategic Europe" blog by Carnegie Europe.

"A coffee between enemies"

31 January 2013, by MSC

People who would normally avoid each other find themselves striking up conversations - A Deutsche Welle piece on the character of the Munich Security Conference.

"VP Biden Slated to Attend Munich Security Conference 2013"

24 January 2013, by MSC

Vice President Joe Biden's visit at the Munich Security Conference is a "meaningful political signal," Conference Chairman Wolfgang Ischinger said at a press conference previewing the next MSC...

The international dimension of organized crime: an elusive threat

23 January 2013, by Melina Meneguin-Layerenza

In the third essay of our Junior Ambassadors Melina Meneguin-Layerenza makes the case for treating transnational organized crime as a serious threat to international security.

Justified Hopes? Outlook to the 49th Munich Security Conference

25 February 2013, by Tobias Bunde

Wolfgang Ischinger discussed the key topics of the forthcoming Munich Security Conference with high-ranking German and international guests on 21 January 2013 at the Bavarian Representation in Berlin. The focus was on the...

Conflicts over Water - an Underrated Threat

21 January 2013, by Hanns Koenig

In the second essay by our Junior Ambassadors, Hanns Koenig argues that the international community should be more aware of water security as a key issue in security policy. After all, he writes, "a lack of access to clean and...

US Vice President Joe Biden to participate in the 49th Munich Security Conference

18 January 2013, by MSC

US Vice President Joe Biden will travel to Germany to participate in the 49th Munich Security Conference (February 1st to 3rd), the White House confirmed this morning in Washington, DC. It is the second time Biden takes part in...

Global Security 2.0 - International institutions urgently need an upgrade

18 January 2013, by Jonathan Hillman

In the first essay by our Junior Ambassadors, Jonathan Hillman argues that key international institutions are in urgent need of change. "Above all, the international community must reexamine the mechanisms it uses to address...

The fifth "Munich Young Leaders" group

17 January 2013, by MSC

For the fifth time, young foreign and security policy experts from almost 20 nations, the Munich Young Leaders, will come together during the Munich Security Conference. The Munich Young Leaders, which include young...

The first MSC Junior Ambassadors contest - an overview

16 January 2013, by MSC

This year, the Munich Security Conference will not only welcome politicians, experts, military leaders, NGO representatives, and CEOs, but, for the first time, three Junior Ambassadors: Jonathan Hillman, Hanns Koenig, and Melina...

A first look at topics and participants of the 49th Munich Security Conference

14 January 2013, by MSC

In early February, the world will again look towards Munich. In an interview with the news agency dpa, Chairman Ambassador Wolfgang Ischinger gave a first preview of topics and participants of the 49th Munich Security...

49th Munich Security Conference to begin on February 1st

11 January 2013, by MSC

In three weeks, on February 1st, the 49th Munich Security Conference will begin at Hotel Bayerischer Hof. Once again, many of the key international decision-makers in foreign and security policy will come to Munich. Over the...

Participate in the Munich Security Conference – Apply to Become “MSC Junior Ambassador“

13 November 2012, by MSC

In the run-up to its 2013 edition, the Munich Security Conference is inaugurating the "Munich Security Conference Junior Ambassadors" program. By means of an essay contest, we want to give three dedicated students or...

"A Europe for the World"

25 October 2012, by MSC

In a piece for "Project Syndicate", MSC Kleist Award recipient Javier Solana assesses Europe's global role: "[E]ither we Europeans act in unity to confront the tremendous challenges presented by the tumultuous changes now...

From the Atlantic to the "Near East" - The Berlin Foreign Policy Forum

24 October 2012, by MSC

Yesterday the Körber Foundation, which together with the MSC organizes the "Munich Young Leaders" roundtable, convened the second "Berlin Foreign Policy Forum", including speeches by and debates with Guido...

Munich Calling - Bad for Europe: The Collapse of the EADS-BAE Merger Talks

17 October 2012, by Judy Dempsey

What hopes now for European Defense? The collapse of merger plans between BAE Systems, the British defense manufacturer that has strong commercial links to the U.S., and EADS, the French-German-Spanish consortium that owns...

Cyber Security Report 2012 veröffentlicht

18 September 2012, by MSC

Im Rahmen des Cyber Security Summit 2012 von Deutscher Telekom und Münchner Sicherheitskonferenz stellte Renate Köcher vom Institut für Demoskopie Allensbach vergangene Woche in Bonn den "Cyber Security Report...

Munich Calling - NATO: Whatever happened to nuclear disarmament?

14 September 2012, by Judy Dempsey

It is rare for NATO to agree over nuclear weapons and disarmament. These two issues have long created tensions in the transatlantic relationship. NATO has dealt with these divisions by either papering over them or postponing...

New Security Times cyber edition featuring articles by Sanger, Friedrich, Ilves

12 September 2012, by MSC

A new edition of the Berlin-based newspaper The Security Times has appeared today, including a Cyber Security Special featuring articles by New York Times reporter David Sanger, German Interior Minister Hans-Peter Friedrich and...

"Freedom, sovereignty and responsibility are inextricably linked" - speech given by Wolfgang Ischinger in Pristina on the occasion of the end of supervised independence

11 September 2012, by MSC

In the course of a festive ceremony on the occasion of the end of supervised independence of Kosovo, Wolfgang Ischinger spoke in Pristina yesterday. Ambassador Ischinger, the Chairman of the Munich Security Conference, used to...

"NATO, Russia, and the Nuclear Disarmament Agenda: Reflections Post Chicago"

11 September 2012, by MSC

In a new Policy Brief for the European Leadership Network (ELN), the former UK Secretary of State for Defence Des Browne and ELN Chief Executive Ian Kearns discuss NATO's nuclear policies and the state of NATO-Russia relations...

"Bundestag soll ein Wörtchen mitreden"

31 August 2012, by MSC

In einem Gastbeitrag für das Handelsblatt plädiert Wolfgang Ischinger dafür, "dass der Bundestag sich künftig das Recht nehmen sollte, bei Rüstungsexportentscheidungen von strategischer Bedeutung [...] ein Wörtchen mitzureden."

"The relationship between economics and security is again the principal issue"

20 August 2012, by MSC

In a noteworthy speech, Robert Zoellick, who participated in two panel discussions at the 2012 MSC, explores the connection between economics and security over the course of the history of U.S. foreign policy.

"The Rise of China: Strategic Responses for the U.S., the West, and the rest"

15 August 2012, by MSC

Former Australian Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd, who at the MSC 2012 debated on the panel on "America, Europe, and the rise of Asia", recently gave a speech at the Chicago Council on Global Affairs discussing the...