13 October 2017, by MSC

A "posterchild" for cooperation? Report from the MSC Arctic Security Roundtable Reykjavík

Which elements of Arctic governance work well, and which ones have to be improved? How can Western states and Russia cooperate in the region? What are the biggest security challenges in the Arctic today? Yesterday, just before...

13 October 2017, by MSC

The fragmented system of global health security – MSC will convene Health Security Roundtable in Berlin

During the 2017 World Health Summit in Berlin, the Munich Security Conference is gathering 25 preeminent international opinion leaders from politics, academia, civil society and the healthcare industry for a Health Security...

04 October 2017, by MSC

Cooperation and potential conflict in the Arctic – MSC will host Arctic Security Roundtable in Reykjavík

On October 12, the eve of the 2017 Assembly of the Arctic Circle in the Icelandic capital, the MSC will convene an Arctic Security Roundtable to advance the discussion on coming challenges in Arctic governance. Around 40 senior...

29 September 2017, by Ólafur Ragnar Grímsson

Monthly Mind September 2017: "The Challenge of the Arctic"

Once a geopolitical afterthought, today's Arctic is a dynamic field of international cooperation. Ólafur Ragnar Grímsson, Chairman of the Arctic Circle, asks how we can harness its economic and strategic potential in the future.

25 September 2017, by Körber Foundation

"Munich Young Leaders" Alumni Reunion in Moscow: Russia's Global Ambitions

From September 7 to 9, "Munich Young Leaders" Alumni met in Moscow to discuss Russia's role in the world with local experts and officials. Read the event report by our partner organization, the Körber Foundation.