28 September 2016, by Wolfgang Ischinger

Monthly Mind September 2016: "Rules, Resources and Expertise: Gearing Up for the Digital Age"

Do we have an adequate security strategy for the digital age?, asks MSC chairman Wolfgang Ischinger in our new Monthly Mind column on the occasion of the 4th MSC Cyber Security Summit on September 19/20 at Stanford University.

27 September 2016, by Handelsblatt

"A Disgrace for Europe"

In an interview with the German newspaper Handelsblatt, MSC Chairman Ischinger has called on Europe to provide political and economic incentives in order to carry out its responsibility and help bring an end to the Syrian civil...

20 September 2016, by MSC

"Governmental Silos Won't Work" – From the Debates at the MSC Cyber Security Summit in Stanford

Could the US presidential election be affected by cyberattacks? How can our critical infrastructures be better protected? How can digital growth be safeguarded? And what steps can and should governments and companies take to...

17 September 2016, by MSC / DTAG

Debating Cyber Security in Silicon Valley: MSC and Deutsche Telekom host 4th Cyber Security Summit

Recent cyberattacks on the US Democrats, the global payment network SWIFT or the power grid in Ukraine clearly illustrate: The debate on cybersecurity has never been more important. This is why, on 19 and 20 September, the Munich...

31 August 2016, by Børge Brende

Monthly Mind August 2016: "Strengthening, Not Politicizing Global Energy Markets"

"In a complex global security environment, we must avoid politicizing the energy markets. This is not only vital for the security of energy supply. It is also fundamental for maintaining and strengthening the world order that has...