26 April 2017, by MSC

"A geopolitical stabilizer in the neighbourhood" – MSC and WPL organize European Defence Roundtable in Malta

What has to happen for the new momentum in European defence cooperation to translate into a truly new level of collaboration? Which additional measures are needed to strengthen EU military cooperation in order to better cope with...

21 April 2017, by MSC / WPL

MSC and WPL host European Defence Roundtable in Malta

On April 25, 2017, the eve of the informal meeting of EU Defence Ministers in Malta, the European Defence Roundtable will bring together around 20 female decision-makers from government, parliaments, and civil society for a frank...

27 March 2017, by Wolfgang Ischinger

Monthly Mind March 2017: "Big League – More Europe, Not Less"

"We should consider introducing a new foreign policy guideline such as a 'three percent criterion' for more international commitment: we should spend at least 3 % of our GDP for crisis prevention, development assistance, and...

27 March 2017, by MSC

"The awakening: an appeal for a European future"

On the 60th anniversary of the signature of the Treaty of Rome, the President of "Friends of Europe" Etienne Davignon launched an appeal for a European future. Among the list of co-signatories is MSC chairman Wolfgang Ischinger.

17 March 2017, by MSC / CNN

"Europe is Alive and Kicking" - Wolfgang Ischinger joins Christiane Amanpour on CNN

"[Merkel] will try to convince Donald Trump that Europe is actually an asset for the U.S. and not a liability," the MSC Chairman said as he previewed the Washington visit of Chancellor Merkel.