04 January 2017, by DW

"EU needs to be able to act together"

"It's up to the EU to make our claims that we are actually very powerful - if we speak with one voice," Wolfgang Ischinger said in a TV interview with "DW" on the future of the EU and NATO after the US election.

30 December 2016, by Victor Pinchuk

"Ukraine Must Make Painful Compromises for Peace With Russia"

"Instead of issuing ever-shriller appeals, we must also adapt to the new reality, and help our international friends help us," argues Ukrainian industrialist and philanthropist Victor Pinchuk in the "Wall Street Journal".

20 December 2016, by Wolfgang Ischinger

Thank you for participating in the Junior Ambassadors contest

"Congratulations to the three winners of our Junior Ambassadors contest. I would also like to thank all other participants for their time, efforts and thoughtful writing," Wolfgang Ischinger writes about the just-concluded MSC...

20 December 2016, by TIME

"The European Union Can Emerge From 2017 Stronger, If It Survives"

"Next year could be the most consequential for Europe since the Berlin Wall fell, or maybe even since the end of World War II," argues MSC chairman Wolfgang Ischinger in an op-ed for TIME. "It is no exaggeration to say that the...

19 December 2016, by Wolfgang Ischinger

Monthly Mind December 2016: "A Call to Arms Control"

"The current situation is more dangerous than at any time since the end of the Cold War" writes Wolfang Ischinger in the December issue of our "Monthly Mind" column. "This is why there is great urgency to enhance transparency and...