19 April 2018, by MSC

"MSC in Berlin" event with Russian Ambassador Sergey Nechayev

On April 19, 2018, the MSC hosted Russian Ambassador Nechayev in its Berlin office for an informal discussion round as part of the event series "MSC in Berlin".

10 April 2018, by MSC

Countering the consequences of climate change – MSC to host Human Security Roundtable in Bahir Dar

On April 20, on the sidelines of the Tana High-Level Forum on African Security, the MSC will host a Human Security Roundtable focusing on current security challenges in Africa. Around 40 high-ranking representatives of...

23 March 2018, by Jennifer Morgan

Monthly Mind March 2018: The security issue we must not ignore – climate change

The "threat of climate change is leading to growing instability, fear, crisis and potential conflict," writes Jennifer Morgan of Greenpeace as she reflects on how environmental changes pose dangerous new security challenges.

20 March 2018, by European Council on Foreign Relations

"There is a strong rationale for close EU-UK cooperation on security and defence after Brexit"

How can Europe be kept safe after Brexit? A reflection group led by Marta Dassù, MSC Chairman Wolfgang Ischinger, Pierre Vimont, and Robert Cooper, argues that it is imperative to preserve as much security cooperation as possible.

02 March 2018, by Benedikt Franke

"Is the Munich Security Conference to Blame for the Void in International Relations?"

In a letter to The Atlantic, the MSC's COO Benedikt Franke responds to critiques of this year's Munich Security Conference and reflects on take-aways for the conference's role in the current climate of international relations.