Botschafter Wolfgang Ischinger

Chairman of the Munich Security Conference,
President of the Foundation Council, MSC Foundation

Botschafter Boris Ruge


Brigadegeneral a.D. Helmut Bialek

Senior Intelligence Advisor

Benjamin Brockt

Head of Project Management,
Senior Project Manager

Dr. Tobias Bunde

Head of Policy & Analysis,
Member of the Board of Directors, MSC Foundation

Randolf Carr

Policy Advisor

Kathleen Damerius

Head of Finance

Bert Dullin

Administration Officer

Dr. Sophie Eisentraut

Senior Policy Advisor

Christoph Erber

Policy Advisor

Jamel Flitti

Special Assistant to the Chairman

Dr. Benedikt Franke

Chief Operating Officer,
Executive Director, MSC Foundation

Laura Hartmann

Project Manager,
Policy & Analysis

Juliane Kabus

Policy Advisor

Stefanie Kaller

Head of Operations,
Senior Project Manager

Marcel Lewicki

Head of Partnerships and Development,
Senior Project Manager

Katharina Pachmayr

Press Officer,
Project Manager

Mirjana Richter

Assistant to the Vice-Chairman,
Team Assistant

Max F. Schiel

Head of the COO Office

Johannes Schmid

Head of Media Relations

Hanna Schoewe

Assistant to the Chairman

Sebastian Sieber

Project Manager

Leonhard Simon

Project Manager

Ulrike Strauss

Head of Outreach and Engagement,
Senior Project Manager

Lisa Marie Ullrich

Head of the Chairman's Office

Victoria Umbreit

Project Manager

Dr. Julian Voje

Head of Programs

General a.D. Volker Wieker

Senior Military Advisor

Paulina Zehle

Project Manager