Junior Ambassadors

About the MSC Junior Ambassadors

Conference chairman Wolfgang Ischinger with the Junior Ambassadors 2017…
…and 2016 (Photo: MSC/Kuhlmann).

Since 2013, the MSC "Junior Ambassadors" program aims to give very dedicated students and young professionals under the age of 28 the unique opportunity to participate in the Munich Security Conference. The three winners qualify through an essay contest focusing on current and future challenges in international security. The winning contributions are published on the MSC's website in the days ahead of the conference.

The three winners are awarded the "Ulrich Weisser Scholarship", which includes an invitation to the Munich Security Conference and covers the cost of travel and accommodation during the three conference days. The scholarship honors the memory of Vice Admiral Ulrich Weisser, who passed away in 2013. Vice Admiral Weisser was Head of the Policy Planning Staff at the German Ministry of Defense from 1992 to 1998, author of books and many articles on security and defense issues, and one of Germany's leading strategic thinkers of the past decades.

So far, Junior Ambassadors have come from Argentina, the United States, Germany, Denmark, Norway, Moldova, Latvia, Lithuania, and Austria.

Junior Ambassadors 2017

In the run-up to its 53rd edition in 2017, the Munich Security Conference (MSC) has organized the fifth round of the Munich Security Conference Junior Ambassadors contest. This year's topic was:

Euroskepticism is on the rise across Europe. Over the past year, the idea of a strong, ever-closer European Union has increasingly lost popular support. However, 74 % of Europeans want a more active role of the EU in world affairs, according to a recent Pew Research Center survey. In your opinion, which two policy measures are urgently needed to strengthen EU Common Foreign and Security Policy, but have so far been insufficiently/not debated?

We congratulate the three winners Simon Engler, Vytautas Jankauskas and Ulrik Trolle Smed. Read their winning entries here:

"Building on Europe's strengths for a stronger EU foreign and security policy" by Simon Engler

"Strengthening EU foreign and security policy through hard and soft power" by Vytautas Jankauskas

"Bringing the private sector on board" by Ulrik Trolle Smed