Munich Young Leaders

A Group of Munich Young Leaders with US National Security Advisor H. R. McMaster (Photo: Körber-Stiftung / Darchinger).

The Munich Security Conference and Körber Foundation want to give promising young professionals and future decision-makers the opportunity to participate in important political debates, introduce fresh ideas on the international scene, and strengthen their personal and professional networks. To further this goal, the MSC and the Körber Foundation have since 2009 annually organized the Munich Young Leaders (MYL) round table, bringing together young leaders in the fields of foreign and security policy.

Thus far, more than 200 talented minds have joined the rows of the MYLs. They come from all over the world, ensuring a strong diversity of perspectives. They consist of young, outstanding members of governmental institutions, parliaments, think tanks, the media, and the private sector. Amongst the MYL alumni are current and former ministers, members of parliaments, editors-in-chief, CEOs, and commanding officers.

MYLs are given the chance to debate and engage with high-ranking personalities and key decision-makers at the annual Munich Security Conference and at additional events throughout the year.

Furthermore, MSC and Körber Foundation regularly convene MYL Alumni reunions in different locations around the world to promote an enduring network. Previous MYL reunions have already taken place in Berlin (2010), Kiev (2011), Rabat (2012), Wildbad Kreuth (2014), Washington, D.C. (2015), Warsaw (2016), and in Moscow this September. They provide ample opportunity for in depth discussions about the most pressing security challenges with invited high-level speakers from the respective region. They offer the chance to gain insights into regional dynamics and also offer the opportunity to exchange ideas and come into dialogue with the host country’s leadership.

Munich Young Leaders are chosen as follows: The German Embassies in the relevant countries each propose up to three potential participants who fit the profile. In coordination with the chairman of the Munich Security Conference, the Körber Foundation chooses the international participants from the proposals submitted. The German Munich Young Leaders are recruited in particular from the Körber Network Foreign Policy, a group of outstanding young foreign policy specialists of the German government, the German Bundestag, as well as of think tanks and the private sector. We hope for your understanding that unsolicited applications cannot be considered.


For additional information on the "Munich Young Leaders" and past editions of the round table, visit the Körber Foundation's website.