"Building Mutual Security in the Euro-Atlantic Region: Report Prepared for Presidents, Prime Ministers, Parliamentarians, and Publics"

In a new report entitled "Building Mutual Security in the Euro-Atlantic Region", a high-ranking international Track II dialogue co-chaired by Des Browne, Wolfgang Ischinger, Igor Ivanov, and Sam Nunn and including distinguished leaders and experts from Europe, Russia, and the United States has proposed a new approach to security in the Euro-Atlantic region.


The report recommends that leaders establish a new, continuing process of comprehensive security dialogue for building mutual security in the Euro-Atlantic region. Practical steps that can be taken now could be agreed on a broad range of security issues, including nuclear weapons, missile defences, prompt-strike forces, conventional forces, cybersecurity, and space.


The report’s key findings and supporting analysis were developed through a series of meetings that began during the Munich Security Conference in February 2012. Members of the group subsequently gathered in Washington, Moscow, and Paris to finalise recommendations to be presented to political, military, and civil leaders in 2013.


The report as well as other information can be downloaded at http://www.buildingmutualsecurity.org/.

04 April 2013, by MSC