"Missing a Chance, Again"

In an article for the "Berlin Policy Journal", W. Ischinger demands "a comprehensive European strategy – one that encompasses European financial and development resources, along with military cooperation" – for the war in Syria and the entire region.

Wolfgang Ischinger is Chairman of the MSC (Photo: MSC / Kuhlmann).

"If the EU wants to claim and show that it has a common foreign policy, it must do more than provide a selective response to a terrorist attack in Paris. This will be the great task of the EU over the coming years – developing a long-term strategy, for which a great deal of resources and engagement will be required aside from funds needed for military engagements.


[...] The development of a rule book in the MENA region should be one of our strategic long-term goals. In light of the continuing wars in Syria, Libya, Yemen, and other countries, that may seem like a pipe dream at the moment; yet this vision should not be ignored or forgotten as the Vienna process is driven forward."


Click here to read the entire article, published in the January/February 2016 issue of the Berlin Policy Journal.

18 January 2016, by MSC / IP