New Security Policy Ideas: Thomas de Maizière talks to Munich Young Leaders

Thomas de Maizière, the German Minister of Defence, Robert Zoellick, the President of the World Bank, and Amre Moussa, candidate in the Egyptian Presidential Elections, will be talking to the Munich Young Leaders 2012 on the fringe of the 48th Munich Security Conference, which is being held from 2 to 5 February. For the fourth time in a row the Körber Foundation and the Munich Security Conference are bringing together leading junior foreign policy practitioners from more than 20 countries and high-ranking international politicians. Moreover, the 26 Munich Young Leaders are also taking part in the programme of the Security Conference.

Arab Revolution, Financial Crisis and Pacific Century

What are the prospects for the future a year after the Arab Revolution in North Africa and in the Middle East? Is the post-crisis global financial system once again on the brink of disaster? Have transatlantic relations reached a crossroads? These are going to be some of the top questions at the talks in Munich. »In a time of profound insecurity and change in the distribution of political power the Munich Young Leaders have the potential to map out new ideas for a global security community,« says Ambassador Wolfgang Ischinger, the Chairman of the Munich Security Conference.

Junior Foreign Policy Practitioners from 21 Countries

The Munich Young Leaders 2012 include Ashraf Swelam, advisor to the Egyptian presidential candidate Amre Moussa, Ceyhun Osmanli, member of the National Assembly of Azerbaijan, and Professor Joseph Liow, an expert on international politics from Singapore. The Munich Young Leaders are junior members of governments, opposition groups, parliaments, think tanks, the media and the business world. They come from the Middle East, Asia, Eastern Europe and selected NATO member states, and are among the future decision-makers in their respective countries. »In a new world order Europe and the US will have to realign their foreign and security policy,« says Dr. Thomas Paulsen, Executive Director International Affairs at the Körber Foundation, »and that is an area in which the Munich Young Leaders come up with some very important new ideas.«

Hamburg, 25.01.2012

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