On Armaments Policies & Military Requirements: European Defence Roundtable Berlin

What are the highest priorities in European security policy in light of the current security landscape? Which capabilities are particularly important to deal with them, and how can they best be strengthened?

In what areas are further steps of European defense integration particularly important - and feasible under the current conditions? How can procurement in Europe be organized more efficiently? How can innovation remain at a necessary level in view of sinking R&D budgets?


Members of parliament, government officials, industry and military leaders as well as other experts debated these and further key issues yesterday during an MSC "European Defence Roundtable." The debates centered on the areas of "European Armaments Policies and the Defence Industry" and the "Evolution of European Military Requirements."


The discussions, held under "Chatham House Rule," formed part of the MSC's defense activities. The centerpiece of those activities is the European Defence Summit (EDS), a 24h discussion format for approximately 150 senior decision-makers from politics and the private sector as well as leading researchers. The next EDS will take place in Brussels on September 15 and 16, 2015, two months after the 2015 European Council on Defence and approximately one year before the 2016 NATO Summit in Warsaw, thus offering an ideal opportunity to follow up on NATO’s defence pledges from Wales and on the conclusions from the European Council. The EDS is complemented by European Defence Roundtables, taking place in different cities throughout Europe and gathering not more than 35 high-ranking representatives from politics, the military and the defence industry.

31 March 2015, by MSC