European Defence 2015: Lessons from the Crises – Impulses for Integration

On September 15-16, 2015, the Munich Security Conference (MSC) organizes the second European Defence Summit in Brussels. More than 200 decision-makers from politics, the armed forces and the business community will gather in the European capital to debate the future of European defence against the backdrop of the numerous crises and conflicts in and around Europe.

NATO Supreme Allied Commander Transformation, General Jean-Paul Paloméros at the 49th MSC in 2013 (Photo: Schel / MSC).

Where does European security and defence policy stand, in light of the conflict in Ukraine, war in Syria, the refugee crisis and other challenges? What is the current state of affairs concerning the implementation of key existing NATO and EU decisions? Which additional initiatives aimed at military and economic integration in the defence sector are necessary? Does Europe have to redefine its strategic priorities?


These and other important questions will be discussed over the course of a European Defence Summit with European leaders from politics, business, the military and other experts. The event is chaired by Ambassador Wolfgang Ischinger and will take place at the Bavarian Representation in Brussels on September 15 and 16.



One year after the NATO Summit in Wales, approximately ten months before the Warsaw NATO Summit 2016 and in the midst of the process towards a new European Security Strategy, the European Defence Summit will provide the assembled decision-makers an opportunity to take stock and to present and debate ideas for improving European security policy.


The conference will focus on three topics, in particular:

  • NATO’s current and future orientation. Are the decisions made in Wales sufficient to meet the new situation in Eastern Europe? Are these decisions adequately implemented? What steps should be taken and decided on at the 2016 NATO NATO summit?
  • Impulses for political, military, and economic integration in the defence sector: What further steps towards integration are feasible in the near future? Why is there no European capability planning yet? How can procurement processes be europeanized? How could and should the European defence industry be structured?
  • The strategic priorities of Europe in the new European Security Strategy. As the last security strategy of 2003 stated, "our task is to promote a ring of well governed countries to the East of the EU and on the borders of the Mediterranean". Why has Europe failed to do so? Which foreign policy instruments should the EU develop much more decisively?


Participants will include NATO Supreme Allied Commander Transformation, General Jean-Paul Paloméros, General Patrick de Rousiers, chairman of the EU Military Committee, several defence ministers as well as numerous state secretaries and parliamentarians.


Presence of media representatives during the conference:

The European Defence Summit in Brussels will mostly be held under the "Chatham House Rule". We ask for your understanding that only a very limited number of media representatives that have a current editorial assignment and focus on foreign and security policy will be given the opportunity to follow the meeting. In addition, we are committed to providing interview opportunities with selected participants on the sidelines of the summit.


If you have questions regarding the European Defence Summit or are interested in an accreditation, please contact:

Munich Security Conference

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About the Munich Security Conference:
Over the past five decades the Munich Security Conference (MSC) has become a key annual gathering for the international "strategic community". Since its foundation in 1963 as "Internationale Wehrkunde-Begegnung," the MSC has been an independent forum dedicated to promoting peaceful conflict resolution and international cooperation and dialogue in dealing with today’s and future security challenges. It has especially focused on the transatlantic partnership. The 52nd edition of the MSC will take place from February 12 to 14, 2016. In addition to the traditional annual conference in Munich, the MSC has developed a number of smaller formats, such as the European Defence Summit (in Brussels, September 15/16, 2015), the MSC Core Group Meetings, which come together in different capitals around the world, as well as the Cyber Security Summit and the Energy Security Summit.


03 September 2015, by MSC