Media Accreditation to the 48th Munich Security Conference – Early Registration for Media Representatives Commences

The 48th Munich Security Conference (MSC) is scheduled for 3 to 5 February 2012. Media representatives focusing on foreign, security and economic policy and interested in joining the conference have the opportunity to pre-register for accreditation at until 31 October 2011.

The accreditation procedure for the 48th MSC in 2012 will include two steps. Like last year, media representatives are invited to register for accreditation to the 48th MSC prior to 31 October 2011 by filling out the online pre-registration form.

In a second step and no later than mid-December 2011, MSC will send out the 48th MSC accreditation confirmations to those media representatives invited to personally join the conference. At the same time, the media representatives who cannot be accredited for any of the reasons mentioned below will receive a negative response. Media representatives are advised to wait until their accreditation is confirmed before making arrangements for transportation or accommodation for the 48th Munich Security Conference.

Why this procedure? The MSC is trying to portray a maximum of international media diversity at the conference while providing the media representatives with optimal working conditions for the duration of the event. The seats available at the media center are limited due to the layout of the venue and fire safety requirements; so please understand that they are primarily reserved for media representatives focusing on foreign, security and economic policy.

For further information, feel free to contact our media center anytime:

Munich Security Conference

Media Center

POB 450661

80939 München


Phone: +49 89 3186 6141


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Fax: +49 89 37979 4960


About the Munich Security Conference:

The Munich Security Conference is the most important independent forum worldwide for an exchange of ideas of decision-makers in the field of international security policy. Every year, it provides a platform for high-ranking conference attendees from all over the world to engage in intensive debates on current and future security-related challenges.

08 September 2011, by MSC