New Munich Security Report 2018 to be launched this week

Titled "To the Brink – and Back?" the Munich Security Report 2018 will be officially presented to the public on the occasion of the MSC 2018 Kick-off event in Berlin on Thursday.

"Last year, the world came much too close to the brink of a significant conflict," MSC Chairman Wolfgang Ischinger said in the run-up to the Munich Security Conference 2018. On the occasion of the 54th edition of the Munich Security Conference, taking place from February 16-18, the MSC will release the fourth edition of its annual report on key issues in international security this week.


Titled "To the Brink – and Back?", the Munich Security Report 2018 offers analyses, data, statistics, infographics, and maps on major developments and challenges in international security. The report aims to serve as a companion and conversation starter for the discussions at the Munich Security Conference 2018 and as background reading for its participants. At the same time, it is also available to the interested public. Last year's report was downloaded close to 35,000 times, with significant press coverage in both German and international media.


The new Munich Security Report focuses in particular on the future role of the European Union as a global actor, the growing threat to the liberal international order, the numerous conflicts in the Middle East – especially the deteriorating relations between the Gulf States – and current developments in Sub-Saharan Africa. Moreover, arms control issues will be a point of emphasis, in particular the tensions over North Korea’s nuclear weapons program.


The Munich Security Report was prepared in cooperation with numerous renowned institutions and think tanks, including Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, the International Institute for Strategic Studies, the James Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies, McKinsey & Company, the Mercator Institute for China Studies, the Nuclear Threat Initiative, Oxford Economics, the Peterson Institute for International Economics and the RAND Corporation.


The Munich Security Report 2018 will be published on February 8 at the MSC Kick-off event in Berlin. It will be available for download thereafter here.

06 February 2018, by MSC