18 September 2018, by MSC

"Munich Young Leaders" Alumni gathering in Madrid for Annual Meeting

From September 27 to 29, the annual meeting for Alumni of the "Munich Young Leaders", a program of the Munich Security Conference and the Körber Foundation, will take place in Madrid. The Alumni, current and future leaders in the...

04 September 2018, by Der Spiegel

"We Are Experiencing an Epochal Shift"

Without the U.S. as its liberal hegemon, the world is facing a new geopolitical era – with serious consequences for Germany and Europe, says MSC Chairman Wolfgang Ischinger in an interview with "Der Spiegel".

30 August 2018, by Wolfgang Ischinger

Monthly Mind August 2018: "Donald Trump and the End of America's Benign Hegemony"

With Trump putting "America First", Europe needs a Plan B for a future without the U.S. as the liberal hegemon, writes Wolfgang Ischinger, Chairman of the Munich Security Conference.

28 August 2018, by MSC

Munich Security Conference will award annual "McCain Prize"

In memory of our close friend, partner and long-time companion, the Munich Security Conference has decided to award an annual prize in John McCain's name.

28 August 2018, by MSC

"Cooperation in the Arctic Spirit" – Report from the Roundtable on Arctic Security in Stavanger

With the Arctic developing into an ever more important geopolitical arena, there is plenty of reason to discuss challenges of Arctic security. On August 27, the Munich Security Conference – together with its partners from the...