"Raised expectations: The Berlin Republic and its ability to act internationally"

Conference chairman Wolfgang Ischinger spoke about Germany's role in and for European foreign and security policy (Photo: Mörk).

The initiative for the further construction of European unification, in foreign and security policy too, must come precisely from Berlin, said Wolfgang Ischinger on September 26, 2013 in Berlin in the "Hauptstadtrede" ("Capital city speech"), an event hosted by "Stiftung Zukunft Berlin" ("Berlin Future Foundation").


"The status quo may well be more comfortable for the moment - but we will not be able to sustain it in the long term. Let's therefore hope for initiative from Berlin for a Europe which is more credible, more active in questions of foreign policy, and one which speaks with one voice. Such a Berlin initiative could also be a positive signal that Germany is ready to embrace the necessary change, is ready to free itself from the status quo, is ready to not to shrink away, but rather to accept its key responsibility for peace in and around Europe."



The entire speech is available Initiates file downloadhere for download (pdf) and was published on the webpage of the IP-Journal.

04 October 2013, by MSC