17 July 2017, by MSC / WSJ

"Why Europeans Oppose the Russia Sanctions Bill"

Congress has every right to get tough on Russia. But its new bill imperils Europe's energy security and would end up benefiting Moscow, writes Wolfgang Ischinger in his op-ed for the Wall Street Journal.

01 July 2017, by Des Browne, Wolfgang Ischinger, Igor Ivanov, Sam Nunn

Monthly Mind July: An Open Letter to Presidents Trump and Putin

"Restarting bilateral military-to-military dialogue between the United States and Russia, essential throughout the Cold War, should be an immediate and urgent priority. The focus of these initiatives should be on reducing risks...

30 June 2017, by MSC

"The Internet is Less and Less Spotify and More and More WannaCry" – From the MSC Cyber Security Summit Tel Aviv

Can we establish rules for conflict in cyberspace at all? What are the lessons states, companies and citizens must learn from WannaCry and Petya? These were some of the questions which senior leaders from politics, business,...

27 June 2017, by Tim Höttges

Monthly Mind June 2017: "Stopping the Downward Spiral"

"The time has come for a digital Geneva Convention", argues Telekom CEO Tim Höttges. "We should think on an intergovernmental level and strive for a legally binding treaty that condemns all kinds of cyber attacks."

27 June 2017, by MSC

An Open Letter to Presidents Trump and Putin

"The United States, Russia, and Europe can and must work together on areas of existential common interest - chief among them reducing nuclear and other military risks, and preventing catastrophic terrorist attacks."