28. Juni 2017, von MSC

Follow the MSC Cyber Security Summit

The Cyber Security Summit Tel Aviv, co-hosted by Deutsche Telekom and Munich Security Conference, kicked off today at 10 am CET.

28. Juni 2017, von Tim Höttges

Monthly Mind Juni 2017: "Stopping the Downward Spiral"

"The time has come for a digital Geneva Convention", argues Telekom CEO Tim Höttges. "We should think on an intergovernmental level and strive for a legally binding treaty that condemns all kinds of cyber attacks."

27. Juni 2017, von MSC

An Open Letter to Presidents Trump and Putin

"The United States, Russia, and Europe can and must work together on areas of existential common interest - chief among them reducing nuclear and other military risks, and preventing catastrophic terrorist attacks."

20. Juni 2017, von MSC

"Der lachende Dritte – Wladimir Putin und der zerstrittene Westen"

In der Phoenix-Sendung "Unter den Linden" diskutierte der MSC-Vorsitzende Wolfgang Ischinger mit dem Linken-Abgeordneten Wolfgang Gehrke über die Beziehungen zwischen Russland und dem Westen.

09. Juni 2017, von MSC

EU Commission Features Munich Security Report Data in new European Defence Debate Process

The chairman of the Munich Security Conference, Ambassador Wolfgang Ischinger, warmly welcomes this week's announcement that the European Commission is launching a European Defence Fund as well as a debate process on moving...