The Munich Security Conference's "Ewald von Kleist Award" honors successful Paris climate deal negotiators

In 2016, the Executive Secretary of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), Christiana Figueres, and the French Minister of Foreign Affairs, Laurent Fabius, will receive the Munich Security Conference's "Ewald von Kleist Award". The two leaders will be honored for their role in negotiating the new global climate agreement, which was adopted in Paris in December 2015.

Laurent Fabius (Photo: MSC / Mueller).

Christiana Figueres has provided impetus for a new start of climate change diplomacy after the failure of the climate negotiations in Copenhagen in 2009. With her credo that a joint solution to climate challenges can serve as a model to meet the challenges of this century, she has significantly contributed to international climate policy.


French Minister of Foreign Affairs Laurent Fabius, Chairman of the UN Climate Change Conference in Paris, has worked with fierce commitment towards the adoption of the first binding global climate agreement. Based on his creative and transparent lead in the negotiations, he managed to overcome resistance and to keep difficult talks from a standstill.



With the completion of the Paris climate agreement, Figueres and Fabius have reached a landmark success in international climate diplomacy, which is an important stimulus for addressing and solving complex challenges of the 21st century. Both laureates stand out for their commitment to world peace: Today, climate policy is an integral part of far-sighted security policy and has a substantial influence on global security and stability.


Since 2009, the Munich Security Conference has honored eminent personalities with an outstanding record in contributing to international peace and conflict resolution with the "Ewald von Kleist Award". Fabius and Figueres are the seventh laureates. The award pays tribute to the political life and work of Ewald von Kleist (1922-2013), who founded the Munich Security Conference in 1963, which at the time was called "Internationale Wehrkunde-Begegnung", and chaired the conference until 1998.


The award will be presented at the 52nd Munich Security Conference, on the occasion of a gala dinner hosted by the Bavarian Minister-President on 13 February 2016. Deputy UN Secretary-General Jan Eliasson will hold the laudatory speech.


Previous recipients of the Ewald von Kleist Award are:

2009 Dr. Henry Kissinger

2010 Dr. Javier Solana

2012 Joseph Lieberman

2013 Brent Scowcroft

2014 Helmut Schmidt and Valerie Giscard D'Estaing

2015 Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE)

10 February 2016, by MSC