"Post-Wall Europe" - "Nach-Mauer Europa"

Am 9. November hielt der Präsident des Europäischen Rates, Herman van Rompuy, am Pariser Platz in Berlin eine bemerkenswerte Rede, die wir hier dokumentieren.

Herman van Rompuy (Mitte) und Wolfgang Ischinger (rechts) am Rande der Veranstaltung.

"Bundespräsident Gauck spoke one month ago - in Stuttgart, I think it was – about your country's pride for having achieved this together - 'Ostdeutsche, Westdeutsche und Neudeutsche, alle zusammen'. Now let's take a moment to look at how this process played out for Europe as a whole. [...]


The realisation that what happens on the other side of the border is not just a matter for the EU neighbour, but for all of us. I notice that this awareness has massively grown in the past few years. I can clearly feel the difference since I took office. [...] Upon receiving the Nobel Peace Prize last December, European leaders said that the European Union stands-by those in pursuit of peace and human dignity. To fulfil such responsibilities, we need to have the means at our disposal. [...]


The challenge today, as I said, is to set forth this work, at a most difficult moment for the people of Europe: when the results to convince them are not yet all there, and with globalisation and the crisis already having left their traces. But I trust this work of conviction, and of convincing, will succeed; and that Europe's citizens will rise to the occasion. One of my successors will give a speech, perhaps in Berlin, or in Stuttgart, or perhaps in Athens, or Warsaw; a speech in which he or she will be able to tell the story of how we Europeans achieved the reshaping of our continent in the decades since the Wall came down – as 'Osteuropäer, Westeuropäer, Nordeuropäer, Südeuropäer, und Neueuropäer, alle zusammen'. Und ich hoffe, dass Europa uns immer mehr auch ein Heimatort sein kann. Heimat, so wie es Johann Wolfgang von Goethe gemeint haben mag, als er an einem heiteren Novembertag sagte: 'Alle diese vortrefflichen Menschen, zu denen Sie nun ein angenehmes Verhältnis haben, das ist es, was ich eine Heimat nenne.'"

Die gesamte Rede, inklusive einer Zusammenfassung, können Sie unter folgendem Link abrufen.

15. November 2013, von MSC