Thank you for participating in the Junior Ambassadors contest

"Congratulations to the three winners of our Junior Ambassadors contest. I would also like to thank all other participants for their time, efforts and thoughtful writing," Wolfgang Ischinger writes about the just-concluded MSC Junior Ambassadors contest.

Wolfgang Ischinger with our 2016 Junior Ambassadors at Hotel Bayerischer Hof (Photo: MSC/Kuhlmann).

"We have received almost 200 submissions by young people from many different parts of the world. All of them bear witness to the fact that, faced with what may likely be the most dangerous security situation since the end of the Cold War, Europe needs a more efficient, effective and unified foreign and security policy. Seeking refuge in national, or worse, nationalistic solutions simply is no longer an option in an age of global challenges and international terrorism.


I was particularly delighted to see that so many of you have acknowledged the need for stronger European cooperation in the field of cyber security. Whether it is online activities by the 'Islamic State' and other terrorist groups, large-scale cyberattacks on critical infrastructure, or misinformation campaigns, web-fueled propaganda and leaks of sensitive data – while cyberspace remains a realm of tremendous promise and opportunity, it also presents us with unprecedented threats in number, scale, and consequence. I am glad that many of you have identified the need for common European policies in order to be better prepared for the challenges of the digital age.


I look forward to welcoming the three winners at Hotel Bayerischer Hof in February and invite everyone else to follow the debates via livestream on our website, on Facebook, and on Twitter."



Find out more about our Junior Ambassadors Program here. The winning entries will be published shortly.

20. Dezember 2016, von Wolfgang Ischinger